Hi There!

This is my inner-boss child.
She’s excited you want to learn more about me. Really excited.
I swear. She’s just playing it cool.

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So what’s the deal?
In short, I’m a sucker for meaningful communication. In text, photo, video, funnel, flow - you name it.

Want the long form?
I was born in 1986, grew up in Jerusalem, Israel. Lived in Boston, New York, Paris and now in Tel Aviv. In 2011, I graduated with a B.F.A in Photography from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. I’ve exhibited internationally, and currently working on my next photo project.

It was through photography that I found web development and then marketing which I’ve been doing for more than 10 years. I’ve worked with government offices and officials, political parties, non-profit organisations, SMBs and start-ups. In the last 4 years I’ve mostly been working as a consultant.

I also love writing.
You might like my recent article about how everyone should be a bit of an autodidact.

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"Bad Intentions", Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2017.
"I Was Here", Belfast Photo Festival, Belfast, Ireland, 2017.
"Abstraction In Photography" Jaffa Port Gallery, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel, 2016.
"Here From Now", Camden Image Gallery, London, UK, 2014.
“Heroes in Distress”, Art Basel Miami, United States, 2012.
“(Dés)Assemblages”, ChipChop Gallery, Paris, France, 2012.
“Black Box”, Manofim Art Festival, Jerusalem, Israel 2012.
"Hurbanism", Ha'riviera Gallery, Bat-Yam, Israel, 2012.
"Followers", Bat Yam Art Institute Gallery, Bat-Yam, Israel, 2012.
"La Générale", ChipChop Gallery, Paris, France, 2012.
"The Under Toad", CCA (Center for Contemporary Art), Tel Aviv, Israel, 2012.
"The 2011 Photography Graduates", November 2011, The Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai, Israel, 2011.
"Bezalel in Ashdod", November 2011, Center Aleph, Ashdod, Israel, 2011."(This Is Not a) Love Song", July 2011, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, 2011.
"You're not leaving", June 2010, Jerusalem, 2010.
"Too bad you are not staying over", January 2010, DeFrost Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2010.

"Open Submission" Competition Winner, Belfast Photo Festival, 2017

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