Making sense of digital.
That’s what it’s all about.

In all my 10+ years of working in digital, I’ve always had one goal: creating digital products that make sense.
To the customer, the user, the designer, the developer. No blank spots.

Easy right?


Well, not so much.

The problem? Project managers, business owners and marketers - we all need to know so much on so many fronts that it gets overwhelming. To really be able to build a story that delivers, converts, looks good, feels right, works and is not insanely expensive - you need to know TONS of things.

So that’s what I did: I learned how to build websites (when Wordpress was just blogs), how to photograph, design and edit (hi Adobe!), how to run FB pages and built social media plans (world chocolate day is my fav). But then, behold! PPC was discovered! After a while trying to decide if i prefer FB advertising over Adwords i fell in love with their sisters Taboola and Outbrain (shhh) and all of their CPMed friends. Now don’t get me wrong… Facebook reports and Goole Analytics is great but when you manage over $100K a month you start realising you really need more info. I was worried there for a bit but was then saved just on time by CrazyEgg, Optimizly, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel and had lots of events to track!


Well not really, cause I went on to develop products! One was even selected as an official Facebook Business case study. I built PRDs, user personas and ran beta testing. But the best part was the amazing team members I got to work with while using almost every project management tool known to man. At one point I got added to so many Slacks and so many Asanas of so many clients, I started worrying about telling the wrong joke on the wrong channel (sorry Tom).

Then? E-COMMERCE time! I helped this amazing online watch brand scale up revenue by 800%, after which I ran hands-on a Successful Kickstarter campaign which together with an Indiegogo campaign raised more than $200K. I then co-founded an educational Retail company, bringing more than half a million online visitors, 150K community members, positive ROI and a strong email base of 60K emails (0$-$0.09/email, I kid you not!) - all in less than 10 months. I planned budgets, business plans and rewrote the investors deck about 300 times.

Now? On to the next big thing.
And yes, it’s OK you just read the words in bold ♥

Think I can help you make sense of it all? Want to grab coffee (yay)?

Stay crazy,